Teens On The Water






At the 2010 Music Fest this group of teens from the Northport Yacht Club paddled up to the lighthouse dock all dressed in pirate garb at the very end of the day. Much to our surprise, they handed us a bucket full of money! It actually brought several of us to tears! During the afternoon they had banded together and gone from boat to boat to ask for donations to help the lighthouse. It was their very own idea! Their parents were surprised to hear of their escapade. THIS…was the beginning of the program, “Teens on the Water.”



Do you need community service for high school or college?

Are you involved in boating?

There are many opportunities for young people to volunteer and earn community service credit. They can assist on the launch boats, work tours, clean up crews, set up crew, break down crew and of course participate in the “Teens on the Water” program for the annual Lighthouse Music Fest.

The Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society believes in young people, trusts young people and celebrates young people! Our youth will eventually be the caretakers of this beautiful maritime treasure that we call The Huntington Lighthouse. Eventually, they too will be responsible for the water in this beautiful Harbor. We have discovered that young people do want to get involved and when they do, great things happen. The annual Music Fest is a great opportunity for young adults who have boating skills to work together and help raise money for the lighthouse. On this particular day, they dress as pirates and with their crew go from boat to boat raising money and selling T-Shirts. They have helped raise over $50,000.00 for The Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society.



Being a part of Teens on the Water was one of the highlights of my summer. It was such a fun way to get community service. What’s better than spending the day on a boat with your best friends, all for a good cause? I’m looking forward to this year’s music festival, and volunteering again!

-Meghan Polk

Thank you so much for the opportunity to help with the setting up and cleaning up of the 2013 Lighthouse Music Fest. I had a great time going with my family for the past several years. The music is always great plus its fun going from boat to boat collecting for a cause. At the end of the day my brothers and I enjoyed going into the lighthouse checking out the bands and getting some food. The community service hours are a great benefit. Thanks and see you next year!

-Jake Blanton

I would like to take a moment to tell you what a great opportunity it was to help with the annual music fest celebration. Our family has had so much fun there! It’s always a great time! This year my son Jake said he would come along with me to help with the set up. We caught a ride out to the lighthouse on the police boat, got an up close and personal tour of lighthouse, and the most fun for me was that I had the chance to be with Jake doing something we really take an interest in. When all was said and done, we cruised back in at sunset, stopped at a restaurant and just had an awesome night…Thank you! p.s. Ink me in for next year!

-Cort Blanton (parent)

(Some children want to help and are not old enough. Their
parents take them to join in the fun “holding up ships for bounty”
at the Musicfest)


I like being a volunteer. A volunteer is someone who works but doesn’t get paid. The not getting paid part is so so. I get to dress up like a pirate and ride around in the zodiac all day asking people of they want to buy a t-shirt. I want to help the lighthouse stay forever.

-Thomas (8)

I like being a pirate princess and the lighthouse is a castle. The Lighthouse shows us we are almost home and when we can go fast. I like the lighthouse and want to show it to my kids when I am a Mommy.

-Jocelyn (5)



  • Young captains with the permission to use a family inflatable to help collect donations from boats in the mooring field during the course of the concert. (Valid Boating Safety Certification)
  • Responsible teens (14 or older) to assist on the inflatable.
  • Parental Permission
  • Adults that would like to participate with their younger children/siblings.
  • Strong bodies to help move and load equipment to the lighthouse and move and load equipment after the musicfest.

for additional information contact

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