Click on the photo to visit Milagro's Website

Click on the photo to visit Milagro’s Website

MIlagro is back!!!  We are so pleased to have Milagro back for this years Musicfest!

Founded in 2005, Milagro has been consistently entertaining music fans at various types of live music venues and events.  At a Milagro concert, It’s not uncommon to hear comments like “if you close your eyes they sound just like Santana!” and “they’re the closest thing to actually seeing Santana live” every time the band performs. Each member of the band has developed a level of skill on their instruments that is rarely encountered in today’s music industry. This, combined with the band’s usage of state of the art musical instruments and audio gear, results in a live interactive performance that continues to captivate the audience on every occasion the band performs live.

 Milagro continues to evolve into a comprehensive musical force that provides a highly professional level of entertainment to audiences everywhere. With timing and precision, the band perfectly executes the complex rhythms and exciting melodies of Santana and other notable Latin rock artists that entices, then compels the listener to get up and groove!!  We warmly invite you to our next live event so that you may personally experience our unique interpretation of the music of Mr. Carlos Santana and the Santana band.

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